Piezoelectric Buzzer

Piezoelectric Buzzer:

  • A piezoelectric element may be driven by some oscillating electronic circuit or other audio source via a piezoelectric audio amplifier (PAA).
    • The PAA is an IC or a PCB that can amplify a signal that is 1V peak to peak to a signal of about 30 to 60V. It is used to drive piezoelectric loudspeaker elements.
  • In such components the piezoelectric polymer film is able to change electrical energy into movement (expansion and contraction) which in turn can cause vibrations in the air.


  • Piezoelectricity is the charge which accumulates in certain materials as a response to applied mechanical stress.
    • Materials which display this effect include crystals, some ceramics, and biological matter such as bone.
    • This is the effect that provides the electricity for spark plugs to light stove fires.
    • It is also used to measure levels of, or to detect the presence of, applied physical stress.
      • Such piezoelectric sensors are found in guitar pickups and RPGs (piezoelectric fuse).
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