Latching Devices


  • Such devices have two stable states thus they are quite like switches:
    • This is why I have placed this page in this section even though I am not sure whether or not they can be classified as switches.
    • They are bistable or flip-flop.


  • This is a special type of switch, when it is activated it cannot be deactivated unless power to it is entirely cut off or if the current flowing through it is reversed..
  • They have three pins:
    • The Gate.
    • The Anode.
    • The Cathode.
  • In many ways it is simply a bistable version of the transistor the differences being that it does not amplify current.
  • It can be used to make a steady hand game circuit like the one below:

Steady Hand Game

  • Both circuits have the same function:
    • As far as I can tell, the resistors in the second circuit are for the protection of the components.
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