Component Types

Input components:

  • Input components or input transducers include things like sensors or switches that can trigger certain functions in electronic circuits.
    • Such components include piezoelectric sensors which use the piezoelectric effect to measure strain or pressure.
  • Switches are triggered manually to deactivate or activate a circuit or to trigger a certain function in a circuit.
  • Sensors measure things like temperature, force, energy and react accordingly by triggering or deactivating certain reactions in circuits.
    • Sensors include relays.

Process components:

  • These are things which process signals from input transducers and which co-ordinate the responses of output transducers accordingly.

Output components:

  • Also known as output transducers, they are things that transform electrical energy into other forms of energy such as heat or light or vibrational or kinetic energy, etc.
  • Components like these include motors (inefficient like all transducers which convert electrical energy into kinetic energy), speakers, light bulbs or LEDs, etc.
  • Solenoids are coils of wire often wrapped around a potentially magnetic core and form the active part of electromagnets and relays. When a current flows through these they create an electromagnetic field and can be used as circuit breakers and switches in car motors.
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