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I/GCSE History Revision Guide

Below is the table of contents for the IGCSE/GCSE History revision page. This page is suitable for anyone who is taking a course in History on World War I, International Relations, Nazi Germany (soon), or the Middle East (soon). We aim to not only include high quality revision notes, but a whole range of interactive resources (quizzes, games, maps, diagrams) to enhance your learning experience! Good luck!.

File:Austria Hungary ethnic.svg

Table of Contents

World War I


Western Front:


War At Sea:


Defeat of Germany:

International Relations


Peace Conferences

1919 -1929
1936 -1939
World War II


The Weimar Republic

The Nazi Party
The Great Depression 1929
Hitler becomes Chancellor

The Superpowers



Notes by:

  • Accelerated Study Notes

Information from:

  • War and Peace in the Middle East (Hodder) by Michael Scott Baumann

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