Analogue and Digital



  • A system is a combination of elements that work together to achieve a specific outcome.


  • Such systems work in a continuous way.



  • Such systems work in a non-continuous way.
  • Digital circuits can handle anything as long as it can be written in binary.
    • These circuits are circuits which work with the principle of YES and NO.
      • They cannot understand anything that is halfway in between the two.
  • Decision making is a series of yes/no questions and answers.
    • They check whether certain conditions have been met.
  • They can handle all types of information that only has two ‘answers’:
    • Left-right, HIGH-LOW, ON-OFF…
  • Digital electronics are based on fast moving switching circuits and are either ON or OFF and their output is either HIGH (logic 1) or LOW (logic 0).


  • Logic circuits, when their inputs are connected to power rails, make simple logical decisions (ON or OFF).


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