GCSE Music: Table Of Contents

Hello people, and welcome to the GCSE music page of Accelerated Study Notes. During 2012 September, a few of us who have just completed the course with excellent results have decided to build this page for the website. It is designed specifically for the Edexcel GCSE Music (from 2009) syllabus. The course involves three main components – performing, composing, and listening. This site will mainly focus on the listening part of the course, as this externally assessed, written listening paper contributes 40% to your final grade. Feel free to flip through the pages, and we wish you the best of luck in music!

File:Adeste Fideles sheet music sample.svg


Area Of Study 1
Set Work 1 – And The Glory Of The Lord
Set Work 2 – 1st Movement From Symphony No. 40 In G Minor
Set Work 3 – Prelude No. 15 In Db Major, Op. 28

Area Of Study 2
Set Work 4 – Peripetie From Five Orchestral Pieces
Set Work 5 – Something’s Coming
Set Work 6 – 3rd Movement (Fast) From Electric Counterpoint

Area Of Study 3
Set Work 7 – All Blues
Set Work 8 – Grace
Set Work 9 – Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad

Area Of Study 4
Set Work 10 – Chuir M’Athair Mise Dhan Taigh Charraideach (Skye Waulking Song)
Set Work 11 – Rag Desh
Set Work 12 – Yiri


For music students of Sha Tin College, we will be running a GCSE music revision club in Term 2. The club will focus on improving your contextual knowledge and listening skills for the written listening paper. There will be group discussions, interactive activities, practice questions, and lots more! You can ask Ms Paciello for more information, and we hope that you’ll all be interested in joining us!


We will begin developing this site by creating detailed revision notes for each set work. In the long term, more interactive revision tools and practice questions may be available on this page. Thanks for visiting and good luck!

This page is managed by a group of IB students studying in Shatin College, Hong Kong. If you have questions, suggestion for improvements, flattery comments, please email them to [email protected], and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Enjoy your stay.

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