We’re a non-profit organization based on a set of core values. Started by a highschool student with now over 50 volunteers, we work to approach and fulfill our mission statement:

 “We aim to use technology to create a global community to promote learning for anyone, anywhere, anytime, free of cost”

We want to provide a service which is free to everyone. We believe in a world where learning is essentially free – don’t get us wrong. We don’t think textbook companies should be abolished. But one things for sure – they shouldn’t be that expensive. We want to change the way textbooks are published.

Right now, we have a publishing firm and a few authors who write a textbook. We want to change this model. We want to have textbooks published by as many authors as possible, authors who are constantly improving the material – in the current textbook publishing, once a textbook is published, you’ll have to wait 1 year for version 2.0 to roll out – why? What if they’re typos? What if some content is not explained properly? Here, change is instant. We want to create a new generation of textbooks, a textbook society where the publishing comes from the community, and constant improvement is a possibility.

Not everyone has the chance to go to a fantastic private school and receive a fantastic education. We believe in a world where everyone can receive a high quality education anytime they want.  The internet is undoubtedly the best place to pursue our mission. Many people have computers now – however, the number of study aids are quite limited. We want to create an environment where people work together to build a community, a community where anyone can receive an education whenever they want.

We strongly believe in a world where education is free. Many organizations will disagree with us, but we will stay true to our mission statement – the day this site seeks to charge  students is the day our organization ceases to exist.


  • Quality – We strive to maintain the quality of our notes. Our contributors are put into groups, where their work will constantly be cross checked by each other. Additionally, each group will have a supervisor (who will have obtained highly at that subject), who will monitor quality of the content.
  • Serving the students – This site is tailored towards the students. Teachers are free to use the material, but our core value lies in serving the students, people like us.
  • Promote teaching – We believe everyone has a passion for teaching – the passion just has to be tapped into – we want to build  a global community where anyone can contribute material and help one another.
  • Free – We don’t want to create a software/program which will only benefit the rich. We want to make learning accessible to anyone who wants to learn. We believe anyone should have the access to knowledge. Any software/program we launch in the future will never cost a thing.
Our performance has climbed significantly over the past few months. When we first hosted this site on blogspot in 2011, we accumulated 5000 views in half-a-year.
However, in the month of September, we accumulated over 200,000 page views, and below are a few interesting facts:
In the month of November, 2012: 





November, we had:

  • 21,358 unique visitors
  • From 155 countries.
  • 12.94% growth in unique visitors from last month.
  • 11,000 more lessons delivered than last month.
As our site is based in Hong Kong and mainly serves towards the HK community, the majority of views comes from HK
  • 38,928 visitors, with each visit average approximately 454 seconds on the site.
If we do the maths – that’s 13,941,480(17,673,312) seconds of content we teach /month.
  • That’s 3,731,832 more seconds than last month!
  • That’s equivalent to 4909 hours / month, 1000 more hours than month of November.
  • Everyday, we teach up to 205 hours of lesson.
  • Most popular day is Sunday. This makes sense because the actual studying usually starts on Sunday (well for most high-schoolers anyway)


Aaron Tang
Head of IB and ASN

IB student studying in Hong Kong. Interested in technology, education, and the likes.

Currently working on expanding membership and across subjects – especially developing fields such as Science, Technology, Mathematics, History.

Hobbies include listening to music, playing games, watching movies, playing sports, and most importantly, developing ASN.





James Yang

Head of IGCSE 

Passing IGCSEs with 8A*s, James Yang manages the IGCSE team.

Additionally, recently, he successfully pitched to Shatin College’s PTA (Parent Teacher Association) to essentially allow ASN to become self sufficient.

Interested in pursuing a career as a doctor in the future.





Andrew Chan

Head of Design

IB Student in Shatin College who is currently re-designing the site to make it more user friendly and interactive, as well as the odd bits and pieces to help with improving UI etc.

Codes in C++, Flash, PhP, Html, and pretty much everything else.






Harrison Chow

Head of Administration and Software Development

Managing technicalities of the site, and is currently working on developing Accelerated Study Notes.

Codes in many different languages, including PHP, HTML, MySQL, CSS, jQuery and JavaScript.

IB Student studying in Shatin College.

Interests include coding, coding, coding and coding, while enjoying the pleasures of being an IB student.